Commissions & PRICING

Thank you so much for supporting my artwork!

Please read the commission types and ToS before submitting a request so we can work to get the best fit for all your artsy needs! The commission request form is at the bottom of this page. Thank you!


Commission Types!

  • Acrylic

  • Watercolor & Ink

  • Witch & Familiar(s) — Pet Family Portrait

  • Nature Crown Portraits


**(Please note that pricing does not include Shipping. Shipping is

+5-20 depending on your order size and where you are in the U.S. )**


Acrylic (Wood or Canvas)

These pretties are handpainted, one of a kind pieces on either wood or canvas! Any subject, person, pet, or idea is accepted (within reason of my ToS) and painted with love.

  • Wood

    • Hand painted on sustainable Birch, die-cut, and sealed with a UV protective coating. Comes ready to hang and available in these sizes:

      • Small (6”-8”) - $70 USD

      • Medium (10”) - $85

      • Large (11”-14”) - $150

      • Supersize (15”+) - $200-$??? depending on size

  • Canvas

    • Traditional Style 100% cotton stretched canvas sealed with a UV protective coating.

      • Small (4”x4”) - $50

      • Large (20”x24”) - $250

      • Supersize - $350-$??? depending on size

Acrylic on 4”x4” Canvas

Acrylic on 4”x4” Canvas



A nice blend of Watercolors and Ink! These pretties are hand drawn/painted on cold press paper and delivered in a biodegradable protective sleeve. **Frame NOT included**

Any subject, person, pet, or idea is accepted (within reason of my ToS) and painted with love.

  • Small (4”x5.5”) - $50

  • Large (8.5”x11”) - $100

Watercolor & Ink - Die Cut

Watercolor & Ink - Die Cut



Create a magical memory for you and your pet! I’ll draw you and your furbaby making some magic together.

  • Traditional (8.5”x11”) - $150

  • Digital (8.5”x11”) - $150

  • +$10 per additional Pet

Please tell me what type of clothing/magic you will be wearing/using to best represent you as the wonderful witch/wizard you are!



A bust portrait with nature bits! Choose 1-3 of your favorite plants, mushrooms, seeds, etc and they’ll be assembled into a lovely garden on top of your head.

  • Digital (8.5”x11”) - $100

Digital - Nature Crown Portrait

Digital - Nature Crown Portrait



  • Orders are First Come, First Serve and I appreciate your patience! It takes time to produce artwork and the best work is made with love and time. Rush orders are an extra $100

  • I charge up front. If you intend to use the work to resell or use in your business, I charge more and will require a written contract. You will not be added to the queue until I receive payment for your order.

  • Please remember I am an independent, small Artist! I am more than happy to work with you to create your one-of-a-kind piece; please also respect my time and capabilities as a one-human business. I will update you as I move forward with your commission as well as provide work in progress updates.

  • No NSFW. Unless explicitly offered as a commission type, I do not draw nsfw artwork.

  • No Refunds. By moving forward with a commission, understand that you will not receive any payment back should you cancel your order.

  • Thank you so much! I’m extremely grateful to have my work supported, it really means so much; I look forward to creating work for you!


Thank you!! Please provide a brief description of what you would like created!

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