Fine Art Courses

After discovering an enormous passion for teaching in 2015, I’ve made it a top priority to provide quality education at an affordable cost to those who are passionate about art and improving their skill. These courses are designed to be interactive, engaging, and most of all… effective and fun! Together, we will work to evolve your skill as an artist as well as build confidence, organizational skills, and patience with the craft.

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Drawing Fundamentals

This course will cover the basic fundamentals of drawing in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We will cover line drawing, composition, proportion, perspective, value and other basics. By the end of the course, students should be able to see and accurately replicate shapes and forms, use light and shadow for effect, and depict simple drawings suitable for display.

(8 sessions - $120)

Drawing Fundamentals.jpg

Intro to Color Theory

This course introduces the basics of color & palette mixing, as well as how colors interact with one another to either make or break a work of art. This course would be very helpful for students who have worked with color mediums such as (but not limited to) acrylics, watercolors, digital, etc.

(2 sessions- $60)

Portfolio Review

Do you need assistance with figuring out what to learn next, what to focus on, or how to plan your next course of action with your art? This course offers a complete break down of your current Portfolio, skills, and daily habits to help you get on the right track to furthering and bettering your artistic skills!

(1 session — $50)