About The Artist


Abby Hermes (Jiiri) is an Atlanta-based Artist and Art Instructor with dynamic periods of engagement in multiple fields of the Arts such as illustration, academics, tattoo, fashion, performance, and others that led to the development of their meditative psychedelic style.

The overall impact of these phases over the course of their career merged to create a unique style that spans over a wide variety of mediums and incorporates 'dream like' color schemes with content inspired by nature, the human form, dreams, environmentalism, gender, education, and invisible illness.

Along with their passion for fine art, Abby loves to create interactive, fun, and engaging atmospheres in educational environments and has been teaching Fine Art at KSU's Continuing Education OLLI program since 2015.

Some of Abby's favorite things are Platypi, crystals, plants, hiking, dancing in the rain, and having afternoon tea with their Grandmother.

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